History Of Asha Chai

Asha High Society Tea

Asha Tea was established in 1967, before that the packets of
British companies were unpopular, by distributing small packets of open tea
free samples by our elders instilled confidence in the open tea among the
people, gradually due to the quality of our brand, the demand among consumers
started increasing. The principle of our company has been that

“Good Tea Given Better Value”

“Quality  Is Our Surety”

The demand started increasing in Kota and near by towns, even
after many times the prices of tea increased very fast, keeping in mind the
sentiments of the consumer, our company increased the partial prices, here the
British company was seeing the weakening of its tea market. In order to entice
the consumer, we started giving various kinds of temptations. But our quality
could not last long. Today 90% of the tea market is dominated by local brands,
in which our brand’s participation is in large quantity. The company has made
its mark in quality tea in the entire Hadoti under the name of Asha High Society Tea. Keeping in mind. T
he demand of the customer, by stocking the time period tea, it is always striving to provide the same quality to the consumer. To maintain the quality of tea. For the first experienced in Assam

The tea is tested by the testero, then the mixture is
prepared by tasting it in the water of Kota. In which no curiosity is taken.
That is why today the third generation in Hadoti is our tea addict. Now our
company is the demand of the time. In online marketing with Hadoti, we have
decided to make our mark in the whole state, in which we will get full
cooperation of the customer. It is our company’s belief

Our Pack Logo

"This is our brand logo of our product pack "

Mahendra Kankaria

Founder Of Asha Chai

Kamal Kankaria

MD Of Asha Chai